How To Measure Your Floor Space

Step 1. Measure 4 Sided Rooms

When measuring your rooms, measure the room as if it were a box with 4 sides. Length by width. If you have closets or wardrobes that require carpet as well, measure them as separate rooms.

Step 2. Measure Rooms with more than 4 sides

Sometimes you will have a room or hallway that has a closet or wardrobe that needs the same flooring. Simply treat each new space as a new room following the rules above.


Step 3. Add all the Rooms Together

Simply add up the totals for each room. Once you have this figure, round it up or down to the nearest whole figure, remember we've added 10% for wastage so there's room to move.

Step 4. Shop for Flooring Online

Use this sqm measurement to select the carpet, floating floor boards or vinyl tiles you want purchase for your property.


It's an industry standard to add a percentage to the total room size to cover doorways and ensure the measurements are not out. It's far better to have a little extra than be a little short. At Renovators Warehouse we assume 10% for wastage. This is somewhere in the middle of what most flooring retailers use and we find its the easiest and the most accurate amount to add.
If you end up with a bunch of extra carpet at the end (not a usual occurrence if the measurements where done correctly) use this extra to have some matts made for high traffic areas, such as entries, common doorways or even at the feet of dads favorite arm chair.


Carpet doesn't get that soft comfy feeling all by itself. Remember to consider underlay when buying carpet and some floating floors. When selecting underlay use the same measurement as you calculated originally.
Still having trouble with measuring your room? Don't panic. Talk to us and we can help you find a flooring installer who can come out and do a professional measure for you, or if you have plans to your home we can work it out for you.